L'albero di Anne Frank, il vecchio castagno che la bambina amava e di cui ha descritto la bellezza nelle pagine del suo diario, è stato abbattuto dal vento (guarda le foto dal sito La

Ora più che mai ha senso il progetto dell'albero virtuale che foglia dopo foglia è cresciuto sul web per ricordare la vita e la morte della giovane Anne Frank. Ecco alcune pagine dal sito Anne Frank and the tree, an interactive monument. E' possibile scegliere una foglia e far crescere la memoria!

dal sito

Anne Frank wrote about the tree in her diary three times.

23 February 1944

The two of us looked out at the blue sky, the bare chestnut tree glistening with dew, the seagulls and other birds glinting with silver as they swooped through the air, and we were so moved and entranced that we couldn’t speak.

18 April 1944

April is glorious, not too hot and not too cold, with occasional light showers. Our chestnut tree is in leaf, and here and there you can already see a few small blossoms.

13 May 1944

Our chestnut tree is in full bloom. It’s covered with leaves and is even more beautiful than last year.

Anne Frank often looked from the attic window at the chestnut tree behind the secret annex. She wrote about it in her diary. Now, the more than 150 year old tree is diseased, but online it will live on. Leave your leaf in the virtual chestnut tree, forward it and keep Anne Frank’s ideals alive.

What does your leaf represent?
Anne Frank was in hiding in the secret annex for over two years. During the day she had to be very quiet and she could never go outside. She yearned for freedom. Anne had a clear opinion about many things. She wrote about them in her diary. Writing made her less sad and it gave her the courage to carry on.

Anne wanted to be useful to others after the war. Not only to the people around her, but also to people she did not know. Anne did not survive the Holocaust but her diary has inspired millions of people all over the world to do their best for a better world. Anne’s wish came true after all.

With your leaf you can show that you too have been inspired by the diary of Anne Frank.


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